Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Engagement Story

I know this has been a long time coming but here goes. I got engaged on February 26, 2011. The story really begins a few days before. Our very good friends Brandie and Page invited us on their date night that Saturday. Tyson wasn't sure he wanted to go because they don't get one very often. When he found out other people were going he asked if I wanted to go and I said yes (even though he was planning on us going all along). A few days before the big day Brandie and I went to the mall because she wanted to buy some new clothes for the date and I needed shoes. I ended up buying 2 pairs of fabulous shoes, a nice coat, jeans and sunglasses. Yes, I know, I should be banned from the mall! Brandie said she was getting her make up done on Saturday by her friend at the MAC counter in Macy's and she invited me. I told her I was in and I wanted a pedicure too!

The Big Day
I woke up after my grave and Brandie picked me up. We got our make up done and I told the girl at the MAC counter about Tyson. After she did my make up she said "I hope he puts a ring on it soon!" Brandie saved the day and paid for my pedicure since I found out my credit card had been cancelled (I didn't realize that when I got my debit card replaced they would cancel and replace both)! I felt like a rock star and Brandie and I went back to her place. I was going to go run home with Tyson and get ready for our dinner reservations. Tyson and I left and he had to go back because he left his camera (really he forgot to give them his keys for our apartment but he told me the camera). Tyson said he wanted to go to the mall because everyone else had gotten something new to wear for our date (really he was just killing time). We wandered and he did buy a really nice button up shirt.

We got back in the car and Tyson started driving the opposite direction of home. I asked him where we were going and he said "You'll see." We drove to Layton park which is one of my favorite places in the city. It has huge trees and a river running along side it that leads to a duck pond. It was all covered in snow and I was wearing open toed stilettos. I said "No problem. I was wearing my boots earlier. I'll change back into them." I looked in Tyson's trunk and realized I'd left my boots at Brandie's when I met up with Ty earlier. Stilettos it is! We walked down the side walk and talked. Tyson had been talking about hiking up a nearby canyon all week but it snowed and we weren't able to so he said he wanted to go to the park and go on a walk instead. At this point I suspected a little because Tyson hates walking, especially in winter ha ha. We got to the end of the paved sidewalk and Tyson pointed to a clearing under some trees. "Think you can make it?" I walked in his footprints in the foot deep snow with my hands on his shoulders so that I wouldn't fall and die and we made it. We walked past two trees and stopped under a third. Now I was REALLY suspecting something because Tyson was pacing and wasn't making eye contact. He asked if I could put up with him forever and I told him of course. He asked if we would bicker and argue and I told him of course not. He said "Then I've got a question for you." He was suddenly in front of me, down on one knee and opening a ring box!! I started crying and he said "Will you marry me?" I said yes probably five times and he stood up and kissed me. He picked out the most gorgeous ring ever and he put it on my finger. It was just a teeny bit too big. He let me wear the wedding band and it was so pretty! I loved looking at it and seeing how shiny it was! We walked back to the car and I was practically floating. Typing that looks awfully cheesy but oh well. We got gas after that and Tyson caught me staring at my ring :)

We went to the apartment and I saw Page and Brandie's car. What was going on? We went up to the apartment and I opened the door. LJ, Ty's old roommate, was sticking out from behind our bookcase. Ok... Suddenly a half dozen of our friends popped out of our laundry room! They all said surprise and I was so happy I started crying again. Hopefully my makeup is still intact! LJ, Brandie, her husband Josh, Brandon, Ashley, and Jared were there and Robbie showed up late. They had decorated our apartment and we looked around. There were little clusters of tea lights in the kitchen, on our dressers and in our bathroom. There were balloons on the floor in the living room and on our bed. There were 2 bottles of sparkling cider on our bed with 2 wine glasses and a pregnancy test! There were also some cute scrapbook wedding stickers on my night stand. I hugged everyone and showed them my ring and we were off to dinner.

We went to Kobe in Ogden and it was amazing!! We had Trent, Erin, Jesse and Krista show up there. It was so much fun to have everyone there! RJ and Crystal were at Disneyland but they were sad they missed it! We had so much fun at dinner and the food was amazing. The chefs cooked it in front of us and they had a good sense of humor.

The night wasn't over yet! Tyson had made plans for everyone to go to a comedy club after. We went to Wise Guys and had cheese cake and listened to about 6 comedians. After it was over Brandie and Josh dropped us off at home. They said they'd take Tirza for the night and we could enjoy the rest of our evening. I got my shift covered and Tyson and I relaxed and watched Castle. We also went crazy and drank some of the sparkling cider. Tyson hasn't had carbonation since May 2009 and I haven't had it since last October. We were celebrating! It was wonderful to get to fall asleep with my fiance after such a wonderful day :)

The next day we went to Brandie's to pick up Tirza and hang out. We went into Kenzie's bedroom and sat with Tirza. We told her that Daddy proposed and I said yes. We asked her if that was okay and she started jumping up and down. She was clapping and she hugged both of us. I am so glad that she is as excited as we are! I also called Rachel in Ohio and told her. She found out about Marissa's engagement via Facebook so I wanted to make sure I called her. She actually knew before most everyone else! We left at noon to meet Ty's family for lunch since it was Troy's birthday. Lisa noticed first because I was showing her pictures on my phone and Troy was playing with Tirza. That night my family came up for dinner and Marissa noticed first. I had been talking with my mom and Marissa at the counter and had my hand on my face for like five minutes before she saw it! It was a lot of fun getting to tell everyone and it took 3 weeks to make all the calls before I posted it on Facebook. It was funny that it worked out that we saw both of our families the day after. It was such an amazing weekend! We are so lucky to have such awesome friends!! Brandie definitely made the night memorable by helping Tyson plan it and organizing the surprise party and helping him pick out my ring!

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